27 Bathroom Tile Ideas to Inspire Your Next Renovation

Our collection of 27 bathroom tile ideas has a curated selection of patterns, colors, and textures to spark your creativity.

Tired of the same old bathroom design? Elevate your space with stunning tiles that redefine the ordinary!

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Whether you’re looking for a subtle refresh or a bold transformation, these inspiring designs will help you craft a stylish and unique sanctuary you’ll love stepping into every day.

1. Pebble Floor Tiles


This bathroom features a cozy vanity area with textured pebble floor tile.

2. Biophilic Bathroom Tiles


A bathroom with a serene biophilic tile design featuring hexagonal tiles adorned with leaf patterns in soft green and blue hues.

3. Hexagon Tiles


This chic bathroom showcases large, dark hexagon tiles lining the shower wall, contrasting with white fixtures and gold accents.

A warm wood vanity with brass hardware complements the gold-framed mirror and sconce, adding a touch of elegance to the contemporary design.

4. White Subway Tiles


This vintage-style bathroom features classic white subway tiles on the walls, accented by a clawfoot bathtub.

A stained-glass window brings in natural light, illuminating the serene and sophisticated space.

5. 3D Tiles


This elegant bathroom showcases a wall covered with graceful 3D tiles, forming swirling leaf-like patterns.

Soft pink towels complement the white bathtub with a sleek chrome faucet.

6. Marble Tiles


This luxurious bathroom features gray marble tiles on the walls and floor, creating a refined ambiance.

A glass shower enclosure and brass fixtures complement the tiles.

7. Glossy Black Tiles


This sleek bathroom features glossy black tiles covering the shower walls, creating a striking backdrop.

A wooden vanity with a black countertop and brass fixtures provides warmth and contrast, while a small window brings natural light into this modern, polished space.

8. All-White Tiles


This bright, modern bathroom features all-white tiles across the walls and floor, creating a cohesive and serene atmosphere.

A freestanding tub with clean lines complete the tranquil design.

9. Zellige Tiles


This modern bathroom showcases glossy zellige tiles in varying neutral shades, forming a textured and stylish backdrop.

A sleek vanity with brass accents and dark flooring contrasts the tiles, while a wooden stool and warm lighting create a cozy, elegant atmosphere.

10. Blue Shower Tiles


A glass shower enclosure with striking blue tiles lining the shower walls.

11. Vertically Stacked Subway Tiles


This modern bathroom showcases a wall covered in vertically stacked subway tiles, adding height to the space.

A wooden shelf with minimalist containers provides functional storage.

12. Jewel-Toned Deep Green Tiles


Deep green tiles create a luxurious backdrop, while brass fixtures, a white clawfoot tub, and a patterned floor add sophistication to the refined space.

13. Travertine Tiles


This luxurious shower features a combination of travertine tiles in warm earth tones.

The varied shapes and patterns of the tiles create a dynamic, textured look.

A built-in bench offers convenience, and white towels with a brush add spa-like comfort.

14. Botanical Tiles


This contemporary bathroom highlights a botanical tile wall featuring deep teal leaf patterns.

Elegant wall sconces flank a polished rectangular wood-framed mirror, while the white basin and chrome faucet add contrast and brightness to the sophisticated space.

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15. Checkerboard Tiles


This elegant bathroom showcases a checkerboard tile floor in cream and beige hues, bordered with smaller tiles.

The deep blue vanity with brass hardware provides a striking contrast while matching mirrors and minimalist decor complete the space.

16. Herringbone-Patterned Subway Tiles


This stylish bathroom features soothing herringbone-patterned subway tiles.

A pink accent wall and window ledge adorned with flowers and candles create a relaxing, elegant atmosphere.

17. Moroccan-Style Floor Tiles


This bathroom blends boho style with Moroccan-inspired floor tiles. A minimalist white tub, rustic wooden vanity, and ladder for towels create a relaxed vibe.

A woven pendant light and brass fixtures warm this elegant and inviting space.

18. Metallic Patterns


This luxurious bathroom features intricate metallic patterns on dark tiles.

A modern white vanity with a bronze faucet and matching mirror frame adds elegance.

Floral accents and gold decor complete the space, enhancing the glamorous design.

19. Black and White Patterns


This bathroom showcases a bold black-and-white hexagonal tile pattern on the wall. A woven basket adds warmth and texture, contrasting with the monochromatic tiles.

20. Raised-Pattern Wood Looks Tile


This bathroom features elegant raised-pattern wood-look tiles on the wall, creating a textured backdrop.

21. Royal Blue Tiles


This stylish bathroom features striking royal blue tiles in a herringbone pattern, framing the shower area.

The double vanity, with brass hardware and white countertops, contrasts beautifully with the deep blue cabinetry, while gold accents add warmth to the elegant space.

22. Ultra-Luxe Marble Looks


This ultra-luxe bathroom features stunning marble-look warm beige and white tiles, creating a sophisticated backdrop.

23. Chinoiserie Pattern Tiles


This elegant bathroom features a wall adorned with intricate Chinoiserie pattern tiles showcasing birds and flowers.

The white marble countertop with polished chrome fixtures provides a sophisticated contrast.

24. Multi-Colored Tiles


This bright bathroom features multi-colored tiles in pastel hues on the wall behind the tub, adding vibrancy to the space.

25. Sage Green Clay Tiles


This retro-inspired bathroom features sage green clay tiles arranged in geometric patterns.

A white vanity with gold accents and a framed mirror complement the vintage look, while warm lighting and natural elements enhance the inviting, nostalgic ambiance.

26. Gold-and-Brass Star Mosaic Tiles


This bathroom shelf is set against a striking wall adorned with gold-and-brass star mosaic tiles.

Elegant accessories and a bouquet of hydrangeas create a sophisticated atmosphere, blending metallics and natural elements in a unique, artistic display.

27. Plaid Pattern Tiles


This bathroom showcases a sleek freestanding tub beside a polished chrome faucet.

The floor features a distinctive plaid pattern tile in neutral tones, adding visual texture to the clean lines and creating a contemporary yet cozy bathing area.

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