29 Bedroom Window Ideas that Will Add Style to Your Space

Our 29 Bedroom Window Ideas collection will guide you through a transformative journey, where each window becomes a pivotal design element.

Imagine waking up in a room where the windows aren’t just sources of light but canvases of style and innovation.

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Whether it’s the romantic allure of flowing drapes or the sleek sophistication of minimalist shades, these ideas will elevate your view and turn your bedroom into a bespoke haven of tranquility and taste.

1. Classic White Shutters


A serene bedroom with classic white shutters provides a timeless look, with the crisp white bedding inviting a peaceful night’s sleep.

Soft beige walls offer a warm backdrop, creating a tranquil retreat.

2. Dark Bedroom Shutter


Picture a room painted in a deep charcoal grey, creating a moody and sophisticated atmosphere.

The dark bedroom shutters are crafted from rich mahogany wood.

They complement the room’s dark tones and starkly contrast the lighter bedding and area rugs.

3. Curtains with Black-Out Fabric


Envision a contemporary bedroom with a monochromatic color scheme featuring a sleek, modern bed frame and crisp, white linens.

The windows are dressed with curtains made from high-quality black-out fabric in a muted silver tone, ensuring complete darkness for a restful night’s sleep.

4. Linen Curtains Floating for a Light Breezy Style


Imagine a sunlit bedroom with a soft, neutral palette, where natural light pours in through large windows.

Delicate linen curtains in a pale cream color hang from wrought iron rods, floating gently above the hardwood floor to create a light, breezy feel.

5. Hang Curtains Floor-to-Ceiling


Consider a grand bedroom with high ceilings and a luxurious four-poster bed.

The windows are adorned with elegant, floor-to-ceiling curtains in rich velvet fabric, which adds a touch of drama and heightens the room’s grandeur.

6. Keep It Simple with Roller Blinds


Picture a minimalist bedroom with clean lines and a muted color scheme.

The simplicity is echoed in the choice of window treatments: sleek roller blinds in a soft grey hue.

7. Add Wooden Accents with a Light Venetian Blind


Envision a cozy, rustic bedroom with exposed beams and warm, earthy tones.

The windows feature light Venetian blinds made from natural wood, adding a touch of organic texture to the space.

8. Match Your Bedroom Curtains to Your Soft Furnishings


Plush pillows and a comfortable upholstered armchair feature a floral pattern that is echoed in the custom-made curtains.

The fabric’s colors are picked up in the room’s accent pieces, such as the lampshades and the throw blanket at the foot of the bed.

9. Motorized Blinds for An Attic Bedroom


The windows, set into the eaves, are fitted with motorized blinds that can be easily adjusted with the touch of a button.

The blinds’ fabric is light-filtering white, softening the incoming sunlight while preserving the attic room’s cozy and secluded feel.

10. Add a Fun Bedroom Shutter for Children’s Rooms


The windows are adorned with shutters painted in bright, playful colors or perhaps featuring cut-out shapes like stars or moons.

These fun shutters are visually appealing, durable, and easy to clean – perfect for a child’s space.

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11. Patterned Roman Blinds


An elegant bedroom is graced with patterned Roman blinds featuring a tasteful floral design, adding a touch of sophistication.

The plush velvet headboard in a deep, luxurious color anchors the space, while pastel-colored walls offer a soft canvas that complements the window treatments.

12. Layered Curtains


A luxurious bedroom boasts layered curtains, with sheer white panels behind rich navy blue drapes.

The combination allows for versatile light filtering and privacy options, while brass curtain rods add a touch of glamour.

A tufted grey headboard contributes to the room’s sumptuous feel.

13. Floor-to-Ceiling Windows


A modern minimalist bedroom showcases floor-to-ceiling windows that flood the space with natural light, emphasizing the room’s clean lines and uncluttered design.

A low-profile bed maintains the sleek look, with crisp white linens reinforcing the minimalist ethos and ensuring the focus remains on the stunning outdoor views.

14. Bay or Bow Windows


A cozy bedroom features a charming bay window adorned with sheer curtains that soften the light and add a romantic touch.

The built-in window seat with storage underneath is the perfect spot for reading or daydreaming.

15. Window Seat


A charming bedroom offers a delightful window seat nestled between bookshelves beneath a large picture window.

Light-filtering honeycomb shades provide privacy and insulation, creating a cozy reading spot that’s both functional and stylish.

16. Stained Glass


An artistic bedroom is illuminated by a stained glass window that casts colorful patterns across the room, creating a dynamic and inspiring environment.

17. Black Framed Windows


A contemporary bedroom is defined by black-framed windows, which create a bold statement against the monochromatic bedding and neutral palette.

The textured accent wall adds depth and interest, with the stark window frames offering a modern edge that complements the room’s clean, contemporary lines.

18. Ceiling Skylights


A rustic bedroom is graced with ceiling skylights that bathe the room in natural light, enhancing the exposed wooden beams and the room’s overall warmth.

The stone fireplace adds to the ambiance, providing a cozy focal point and complementing the natural elements throughout the space.

19. Frosted Glass


A Scandinavian-style bedroom, characterized by its simplicity and functionality, features frosted glass windows that ensure privacy while diffusing daylight to brighten the room.

Light wooden furniture and a palette of neutral tones create a calming, clutter-free environment, embodying the minimalistic beauty of Nordic design.

20. Sliding Glass Doors


A bedroom with sliding glass doors offers a seamless transition to a lush garden, inviting the outdoors in.

White sheer curtains flutter in the gentle breeze, contributing to the room’s airy and tranquil feel.

A natural fiber rug underfoot adds to the organic appeal, grounding the space with its earthy texture.

21. Curtains with a Base Color You Love


Teal curtains in this bedroom create a striking visual impact, coordinating perfectly with matching accent pillows on the bed.

Soft grey walls provide a subdued backdrop that allows the teal elements to shine, creating a cohesive and serene color scheme that’s both inviting and stylish.

22. Coordinating Window Treatments


The bedroom’s window treatments are artfully coordinated with the paisley-patterned duvet cover, and decorative throw pillows add another layer of coordination.

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A classic wooden headboard anchors the bed, while the interplay of patterns and colors throughout the room speaks to a well-curated and harmonious design.

23. Natural Woven Shades


Natural woven shades in this bedroom bring an element of organic beauty, complementing the canopy bed adorned with light linen drapes.

A jute area rug reinforces the natural theme, combining the room’s textures to create a serene and grounded sanctuary.

24. Colorful Trim


Bright and lively, this bedroom features white curtains with vibrant yellow trim that echoes the sunny yellow duvet cover.

Fresh green plants introduce a burst of life, enhancing the room’s cheerful and refreshing palette and creating a space full of energy and positivity.

25. Arched Windows


An elegant bedroom boasts arched windows that create a dramatic architectural feature, framed by long, flowing curtains adding to the grandeur.

The Victorian-style bed frame and ornate wallpaper enhance the room’s historical charm, making the arched windows a stunning focal point that encapsulates the room’s opulence.

26. Plantation Shutters


A coastal-inspired bedroom features white plantation shutters that perfectly capture the essence of beachside living.

The adjustable louvers offer control over light and privacy, while the seafoam green comforter and sandy beige walls complete the tranquil, beachy vibe, creating a soothing seaside retreat.

27. Ombre Curtains


A modern bedroom is defined by ombre curtains that create a striking visual transition from deep blue to soft grey, mirroring the tranquil tones of a twilight sky.

The sleek platform bed and minimalist decor underscore the room’s contemporary aesthetic, with the gradient effect of the curtains adding a touch of artistic flair.

28. Velvet Drapes


In a luxurious bedroom, heavy velvet drapes in a sumptuous burgundy envelop the space in richness and warmth.

The four-poster bed, with its intricate carvings, stands as a testament to craftsmanship and elegance.

29. French Windows


A romantic bedroom exudes charm with French windows that open to a Juliet balcony, inviting the outside in.

Sheer lace curtains flutter gently in the breeze, adding a layer of privacy without sacrificing light.

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