30 Dark Blue Bedroom Ideas for A Sense of Tranquility

Get ready to explore 30 dark blue bedroom ideas, from statement walls to subtle accents, that are sure to inspire you to turn your own bedroom into a stylish, serene retreat.

Looking to give your bedroom an elegant, enveloping feel reminiscent of the night sky?

A dark blue color palette may be just what you need.

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From midnight blues to navy hues, embracing deep shades of blue can create a cozy and chic bedroom.

Whether you prefer a modern, classic, or cozy look, you’ll discover inventive ways to incorporate this rich color into your most personal sanctuary.

1. Layer Shades of Navy


This is a sophisticated bedroom with walls painted in a deep navy, complemented by a slightly lighter navy duvet and even paler navy throw pillows.

The bedside tables are a matte navy finish, adorned with ceramic navy lamps with a subtle geometric pattern and white shades for a soft glow.

2. Velvet Blue Bedframe


The centerpiece is a plush navy velvet bedframe with a high back and deep button tufting.

The bedding is crisp white with navy piping, and the bedside tables are antique brass. They feature vintage-inspired blue glass lamps with brass accents.

3. Navy Curtains


This room’s navy theme is carried through with heavy navy curtains framing the windows.

The walls are painted a soft grey, and the bed has a navy upholstered headboard.

The bedside tables are glass with a chrome structure, and the lamps are elegant with a chrome base.

4. Navy Bookshelves


In this intellectual-chic bedroom, one wall features navy bookshelves, complemented by soft neutral tones on adjacent walls.

The bed is adorned in white with navy accents, accompanied by classic mahogany bedside tables topped with brass lamps, perfect for bedtime reading.

5. Navy Accent Wall


The room features a bold navy accent wall behind the bed, with the other walls a soft grey.

The bedside tables are natural wood, providing warmth, and each table holds a sleek, modern navy lamp with a clean-lined silhouette and a white drum shade.

6. Dark Blue Ceiling with Stars


In this enchanting bedroom, a dark blue ceiling with glow-in-the-dark stars or a projector creates a night-sky effect, while the walls are a lighter shade of blue.

The bed features simple white bedding, complemented by glossy black bedside tables and star-themed lamps resembling a twinkling constellation.

7. Mix Patterns


This playful bedroom has navy and white striped walls and bedding with a mix of navy gingham, polka dots, and floral patterns.

The bedside tables are classic white with cottage-style detailing, each holding a navy and white patterned lamp that complements the mixed patterns in the room.

8. Navy and Gold


In this regal bedroom, navy walls are the backdrop for a gold metal bed frame.

The bedside tables are glossy white with gold hardware, each featuring an opulent gold lamp.

9. Navy and Gray


A contemporary space with navy walls and a light grey upholstered bed.

The bedside tables are made of sleek, dark grey metal. Each holds a minimalist lamp with a concrete base.

10. Textured Wallpaper


The room boasts a navy wallpaper with a subtle texture, almost mimicking the night sky.

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The bedding is a mix of navy and silver, and the bedside tables are mirrored, reflecting the wallpaper’s texture. The lamps are silver and add a luxurious feel.

11. Rustic Touches


This bedroom blends navy elegance with rustic charm, boasting navy-painted walls and a distressed natural wood bed frame.

The bedding is simple white with navy trim, while reclaimed wood bedside tables hold wrought iron lamps.

12. Geometric Navy Accents


This modern bedroom is adorned with navy walls and crisp white bedding, accented with navy geometric-patterned throw pillows.

The bedside tables are clean, glossy white, and atop each is a lamp featuring a white geometric pattern paired with a white shade to keep the room feeling bright and airy.

13. Navy Bedding


This bedroom features a crisp white interior with a striking navy bedding set as the focal point.

The bedside tables are minimalist in design, finished in a glossy white, with each table holding a simple navy lamp with clean lines and a white cylindrical shade for a modern touch.

14. Dark Ceiling


The room exudes a cozy ambiance with a dark navy ceiling and lighter navy walls.

The bed showcases a light grey headboard with white bedding, while black bedside tables with matte finishes hold industrial-style lamps featuring exposed Edison bulbs.

15. Navy and White Artwork


This gallery-style bedroom showcases navy walls with white framed nautical artwork.

The bedding is white with navy accents, and the bedside tables are a classic white. Each table holds a lamp with a white base.

16. Striped Navy Rug


In this balanced, bright bedroom, neutral walls complement a bold navy and white striped rug. The bed showcases a white duvet cover adorned with navy throw pillows.

Light oak bedside tables hold navy lamps with subtle stripe textures on ceramic bases, topped with simple white shades.

17. Navy and Teal


This vibrant bedroom pairs navy walls with pops of teal in the throw pillows and artwork. The bed is dressed in white linen, providing a neutral base.

The bedside tables are mid-century modern in style, with a walnut finish. Teal table lamps with retro designs and white shades diffuse the light.

18. Industrial Elements


In this navy bedroom, industrial chic meets cozy comfort. The walls are a matte navy, and the bed features soft, grey linen.

The bedside tables are metal with a gunmetal finish, and each holds an industrial lamp.

19. Navy Feature Furniture


This bedroom has light grey walls and a statement-making navy dresser.

Two matching white bedside tables flank the bed. Atop each is a navy blue lamp with a ceramic base that mirrors the dresser’s color.

20. Midnight Blue Walls


Deep midnight blue walls in this room create a dramatic backdrop for a light-colored wood bed frame.

The bedding mixes white and lighter blue hues, while soft grey bedside tables hold lamps with midnight blue bases.

21. Chic Navy Headboard


A chic navy blue headboard with silver nailhead trim in this room stands out, while luxurious bedding layers grey and navy hues.

Mirrored bedside tables add glamour, and sophisticated lamps feature silver bases.

22. Nautical Theme


A navy and white striped bedspread, with walls painted a soft navy.

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The bedside tables are distressed wood, reminiscent of driftwood, and the lamps are clear glass.

23. Navy with Pastels


This bedroom softens the dark blue palette with pastel accents. The walls are a calming navy, and the bed is adorned with pastel pink and blue pillows.

The bedside tables are a gentle pastel blue, and the lamps are soft pink with a gourd-shaped base and a white shade, offering a subtle, warm light.

24. Navy and Copper


This room features navy walls and a copper metal bed frame that shines against the dark backdrop.

The bedding is white with navy accents, and the bedside tables are dark stained wood. Each has a contemporary copper lamp with a sleek design.

25. Marine-Inspired Accents


In this ocean-themed bedroom, the walls are a soothing navy, complementing a bedspread that features marine life motifs.

The bedside tables are crafted from weathered wood, reminiscent of a beachside retreat, and the lamps are unique, with bases shaped like coral or seashells.

26. Navy and Leather


This masculine bedroom combines navy walls with a dark leather bed frame. The bedding is simple and elegant, with white sheets and navy pillows.

The bedside tables are dark wood that matches the leather. Each table holds a lamp with a leather-wrapped base and a navy shade.

27. Bohemian Style


The room is a bohemian haven with deep navy walls and a bed adorned with various textures, including a macramé cream duvet cover and navy throw pillows with tassels.

The bedside tables are vintage finds painted in distressed teal. Each table supports a boho-chic lamp with a base of stacked natural stones.

28. Floral Navy Prints


This classic bedroom features navy walls, a white bed, and a duvet cover with bold navy floral prints.

The bedside tables are antique white with distressed edges, and the lamps are ornate. The base has a floral navy blue design and a bell-shaped white shade.

29. Navy and Mustard


In this dynamic bedroom, the navy walls contrast mustard yellow accents, such as throw pillows and a blanket at the foot of the bed.

The bedside tables are mid-tone wood, and each holds a lamp with a mustard-colored base.

30. Navy and Brick


In this urban-inspired bedroom, exposed brick contrasts with navy-painted walls. The bed has a grey upholstered headboard and white bedding, letting the textured walls stand out.

Industrial metal bedside tables with matte black finishes are paired with vintage-style lamps with clear bases that echo the brick’s hue.

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