30 Moody Vintage Bathroom Ideas that Transcend Time

Step into our 30 moody vintage bathroom ideas that transcend time.

From clawfoot tubs to patterned tiles and brass accents, these 30 designs exude old-world charm and elegance.

Get ready to be inspired by bathrooms filled with character and rich details.

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Whether you’re seeking a glamorous Art Deco style or rustic country charm, this collection has a moody vintage look to spark your imagination.

Let these bathrooms awaken your inner nostalgia and give your space that perfect dose of timeworn enchantment.

1. Dark Gray Farmhouse


A bathroom featuring dark gray walls and a vintage claw-foot tub as the centerpiece is surrounded by atmospheric dim lighting.

For a sophisticated, cozy ambiance, add plush, dark-colored towels and rugs, elegant brass or black fixtures, and a small, luxurious chandelier.

2. Dark Opulent Victorian


Embrace a dark, opulent Victorian theme bathroom with eggplant-colored walls and rich, dark wooden accents.

Install a vintage, ornately carved wooden vanity and mirror frame, paired with a traditional freestanding bathtub.

Use heavy, dark damask curtains and gold-accented candle holders for a lavish, yet brooding atmosphere.

3. Cozy Rustic Vibe


This is a bathroom with a cozy, rustic vibe, using deep forest green paint, a reclaimed wood vanity, and a stone basin sink.

Dim, warm-toned lighting, a vintage oil painting of a nocturnal landscape, and thick, luxurious dark green towels enhance the moodiness.

Add a touch of elegance with brass fittings and a classic framed mirror.

4. Monochromatic Elegance


Envision a bathroom with matte black walls, a high-gloss black subway tile shower, and a sleek, charcoal gray vanity.

Chrome fixtures add a touch of shine, while a vintage, black-framed mirror and a crystal chandelier inject a dose of glamour.

These are softened by plush, silvery-gray towels and an opulent, dark gray velvet bathrobe.

5. Hollywood Glamour


Design a bathroom fit for a star with lush forest green walls, a statement-making black and white tiled floor, and a lavish, crystal-draped chandelier.

Add a vintage makeup vanity, luxurious satin drapes, and gold-accented art deco fixtures for a touch of classic Hollywood glamour.

6. Gothic-Inspired Ambiance


A bathroom with a Gothic-inspired ambiance using deep black walls contrasted with a white vintage clawfoot tub and sink.

Incorporate rich burgundy towels and a plush black velvet bathmat.

Use wrought iron for the light fixtures and cabinet handles, adding an atmospheric dimness with candle-style wall sconces to enhance the mysterious, old-world vibe.

7. Muted Eggplant


A bathroom with walls in a muted eggplant shade, accented by a vintage mahogany vanity and a marble countertop.

Incorporate an ornate, gilded mirror, soft filament bulb lighting, and luxurious plum-colored velvet towels for a touch of warmth and opulence.

8. Glossy Black Walls


A bathroom with glossy black walls, a decadent crystal chandelier, and a luxurious, white faux fur rug.

A vintage gold-trimmed vanity, complete with a plush tufted stool and an ornate, oversized mirror, reflects the extravagance of old Hollywood.

Vintage sconces illuminate it for a star-studded ambiance.

9. Sophisticated Classic


A bathroom that combines deep anthracite walls with a traditional white and black claw-foot tub, a vintage black vanity, and classic Carrara marble accents.

A crystal and black iron chandelier and luxe, graphite-colored velvet drapes add a layer of sophisticated, timeless elegance.

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10. Farmhouse Simplicity


A bathroom with a blend of farmhouse simplicity with a touch of sophistication using deep navy walls contrasted with crisp white beadboard.

A vintage wooden vanity, aged brass fixtures, and a claw-foot tub convey rustic charm, while soft, fluffy towels and a braided rug add cozy warmth.

11. Forest Green Victorian-inspired


Imagine a Victorian-inspired bathroom with forest green wallpaper featuring intricate floral patterns.

A classic white claw-foot tub, antique brass fixtures, and a vintage wooden vanity with a marble top create a regal atmosphere, complemented by heavy velvet drapes and richly patterned rugs.

12. 1950s Nostalgia


Channel the 1950s with a sleek, charcoal-gray tiled bathroom featuring a sunken bathtub, streamlined cabinetry, and patterned wallpaper.

Brighten the space with retro-colored accents like turquoise towels and a pink bath mat, complemented by period-appropriate light fixtures for a nostalgic vibe.

13. Deep Navy Art Deco


Envision a sophisticated Art Deco bathroom with deep navy wall tiles accented with geometric patterns in gold.

A sleek, black marble vanity, ornate gold mirrors, and opulent brass lighting fixtures exude luxury, while plush velvet stools add a touch of elegance.

14. Deep Burgundy Walls


Imagine a bathroom with deep burgundy walls, an ornate Victorian claw-foot tub, and intricate black lace curtains.

A vintage mahogany vanity with a marble top, brass fixtures, and a grandiose gilt mirror enhance the luxurious, historical ambiance, while plush velvet bath mats and richly embroidered towels complete the opulent setting.

15. Touch of Gothic Charm


Picture a small, intimate bathroom clad in dark charcoal gray with a touch of gothic charm.

A black vintage vanity, adorned with gothic arches and opulent, ruby-red glass knobs, stands against a backdrop of flickering, wall-mounted lanterns, while luxurious, burgundy chenille towels offer a lavish touch.

16. Dark Teal Victorian


A bathroom with an opulent touch, featuring dark teal walls and a Victorian-era cast iron claw-foot tub.

Imagine soft, ambient light from a crystal wall sconce reflecting off a vintage, gold-framed mirror while a plush, deep blue velvet chair sits elegantly in the corner, enhancing the room’s luxurious feel.

17. Black Art Deco


Channel the elegance of the Art Deco era with a sleek black bathroom featuring bold, symmetrical patterns, chrome fixtures, and a striking, monochrome marble floor.

Incorporate vintage-inspired lighting and mirrored accents to enhance the luxurious, retro-futuristic vibe.

18. Eclectic Noir


Imagine a bathroom boasting a palette of midnight black and smoky grays accented with eclectic art pieces, a vintage silver-trimmed mirror, and a repurposed dark wood vanity.

Black Edison bulb pendant lights, a charcoal gray tufted ottoman, and luxurious black silk bathrobes fuse eclectic style with moody opulence.

19. Glossy Black Hollywood


Design a glamorous Hollywood bathroom with glossy black wall tiles, a luxurious freestanding white tub, and a grand, illuminated vanity mirror.

Add touches of silver and crystal accessories for that opulent movie star quality, and finish with plush, monogrammed towels.

20. Deep Navy Bohemian Flair


A bathroom with a blend of dark, moody elements with bohemian flair using a deep navy color scheme, complemented by a collection of eclectic, vintage mirrors and ornate metalwork.

To create a warm, inviting glow, add a freestanding copper bathtub, Persian rugs on the floor, and ambient lanterns.

21. Romantic Victorian


Imagine a moody, romantic Victorian vintage bathroom with dark gray damask wallpaper, an ornate silver claw-foot tub, and vintage silver accessories.

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Soften the room with lace window treatments, a plush velvet bench, and candlelight for a warm, intimate ambiance.

22. Art Deco Geometric


Channel a moody Art Deco aesthetic vintage bathroom with dark gray and deep navy geometric wallpaper complemented by sleek, polished chrome fixtures.

Integrate a classic pedestal sink and add drama with a crystal chandelier for a luxurious yet somber mood.

Velvet drapes over a frosted window pane can add a layer of sophistication and texture.

23. Eggplant Farmhouse


A bathroom with walls in a muted eggplant shade, accented by a vintage mahogany vanity and a marble countertop.

Incorporate an ornate, gilded mirror, soft filament bulb lighting, and luxurious plum-colored velvet towels for a touch of warmth and opulence.

24. Retro Inspired


Create a sophisticated retro-inspired bathroom with walls in a dark charcoal grey, accented with art deco wallpaper.

Include a vintage black lacquered vanity, a retro-styled matte black freestanding tub, and luxurious black silk bathrobes.

Enhance the ambiance with soft, diffused lighting and vintage framed black-and-white photographs.

25. Baroque Drama


Embrace the drama of the Baroque period with a bathroom painted in a deep, matte black, adorned with an opulent, crystal chandelier and a baroque-style gold gilded mirror.

A luxurious, freestanding, black acrylic tub and rich, damask-patterned towels epitomize old-world opulence with a modern twist.

26. Glamorous and Gothic


This bathroom fuses glamorous and gothic styles with a color palette of black and burgundy, highlighted by a statement antique silver mirror and a crystal chandelier.

To enhance the decadent, moody atmosphere, opt for a black marble floor, a vintage black clawfoot tub, and plush burgundy robes and towels.

27. Art Deco Sophistication


A bathroom with Art Deco sophistication featuring glossy, black subway tiles juxtaposed with a stark, white base with a brass claw-foot tub.

Geometric brass lighting fixtures and a bold, monochrome striped rug add a modern twist, while plush, emerald green towels echo the decadence of the Roaring Twenties.

28. Weathered Gray Farmhouse Charm


A bathroom with weathered gray wood paneling, a vintage claw-foot bathtub painted matte black, and antique wrought-iron fixtures.

Add a touch of farmhouse charm with dark wood vanity, a classic white porcelain basin, and soft, linen-textured towels in muted earth tones.

29. 1930s Hollywood


Design a lavish bathroom with walls in a shimmering, muted gold wallpaper, an elegant freestanding tub with claw feet, and a vintage vanity table reminiscent of a 1930s Hollywood starlet’s dressing room, complete with a tri-fold mirror and glamorous, soft lighting.

30. Art Deco-Inspired Black and Silver Wallpaper


Design a bathroom with glossy, black, lacquered walls, a vintage gray marble vanity, and Art Deco-inspired black and silver wallpaper.

A chrome-legged, black velvet vanity chair, a cascading glass bead chandelier, and plush, metallic-gray bath rugs offer a blend of retro glamour and modern luxury.

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